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by Minutes

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It's getting under your skin. And cynicism is creeping in. Get off your ass. Your mind is saying, "give up". And your body is pickled by the cup. Get off your ass. You seem to have lost motivation. Definitely losing concentration. Get off your ass. Your eyes are glossy from within, and you're afraid to pick up your pen. Get off your ass.
Let me go lead this walk to get us through it. I know I had my wallet stole. But don’t look now. Christ only knew … I want it. It won’t be long, I know.
Against your will. Against your will. Without Permission. Without Permission. You didn't ask, and I didn't say so. You didn't ask, and I didn't say so. Against your will. Against your will. You didn't ask, and I didn't say so. Without Permission. Without Permission. Against your will. Against your will.
Halls and paintings immunize elected houseplants and the Rat Patrol: an offer sincere with the right ghosts. I forget I could get mines by lending power to the status quo and suffer blank stares at the punk shows. I was always on-point with the polls. More than just once, I’ve learned to roll. Like tender moments for the privileged, I lent my face to the portraits and donned a suit and tie like the politicians. Frame of reference blurs the party lines with happenstance. Catch me sitting in my study with my glass in hand: dusty books, giant globe, and my Persian rug.
Boxes 02:33
Can't seem to accept the massage. Spastic, stretch elasticity, Remember me? Where am I at? Where do I belong? Make a castle of liberty, just shift 'em around, you'll see. Don't let 'em hassle you, go ahead and shift 'em all around. I will gladly take that, I will gladly take that, over that. Over that. It's frantic, you're frantic. Like a fanatic, we're all spastic. Spastic. I'm mesmerized by you large eyes. Majestic, it runs quick. Let's manage a swirling tide. I will gladly take that, I will gladly take that, over that. Over that.
I seen your picture,  Your name in lights above it,  Just you alone with the butterflies.  And for one moment,  I was convinced you're past it No need for further alibis.   North to Cumbria!  South to Wales!  Battered to the bone Resist the gales Climb Hadrian's Wall! Measure the tub!   When will you find peace?   Now there's the rub.   Count up by sevens  To your timely end,  The genes stay where they are,  Never to send.   Count down by sixes  To certain hell below Walk the countryside and  Stay on the dole.  North to Aberdeen!   South to Brighton!  The bloodline dies right here Don't be frightened.   Climb Hadrian's Wall Measure the tub Where will you find peace?  Ah, there's the rub.
Certainly not perfect. I'm not far behind. You spin like generators, with feet on accelerators. I'd ask you to question the validity of your ideals. Is your decision affected? Or possibly misdirected. Follow a new plan up, through the atmosphere. So what if we're all queer? So what if emotions ride our sleeves. Why are we attacking? Why are we contracting? Isn't this distracting? Isn't this distracting? You're so caught up, in your own fuel.
It serves us right. We've waited far too long, to let them control our lives, and take our spirit from us. We're responsible, to keep our heads up, to raise our fists up, and take this freedom back. Raise our fists up, and take this spirit back. Raise your fists up, and take this freedom back. It's falling through our hands, and it's spilling on the ground. I think it's possible, so why don't we stand up? And raise our fists up, and take this freedom back. Raise our fists up, and take this spirit back. Raise your fists up, and take this freedom back. We can all roam free, and never fall. We can make a point, to establish a law. We can all roam free, and never fall, from this moment of peace, and tranquility. Let's hold our hands up, and believe in something.
Miles from here, philosophy won’t wait to soothe me. I wake up early to find a path unsung and meet the world anew with fresh, unseasoned eyes. Naiveté is guided by my nose. As for these young souls who operate on time, they’re last to feel. Wondering full-on for what? It’s how optimists run forcefully through misdirection. I’d brave injury for love. I’d brave injury for truth. Miles from here, my employer drowns near Lisbon. Hey, watch and listen: a soldier lives; my boss is overcome. And bes’ believe no Anabaptist survives. The sea becomes his cell, as Portugal reveres the force majeure. Miles from here, the Americas can’t keep me. I wake up early. Miles from here, I’ll let my garden grow.
Paring Knife 02:51
You find that the ears simply won't snap back When the singer pounces to attack Sleep sound all night long With the fan droning on and on. Rattle around the cab for a year And tell me you got something more to fear Follow the advice of your old man And revert back to the use of your hands And decide that it's time To quit your fucking band. Rattle around the van for a year.
Circling strengths. Possessing weaknesses. Conflicted by stumps. Challenging obstacles. Power over chumps. We will fortify. We will reinforce. Construct and generate. Take me where the sun doesn't shine. We'll go there on a northern line. We will fortify. We will reinforce. Construct and generate.
Fine Day 01:47


The basic tracks for all of the songs on this album were recorded onto quarter inch tape, using a Tascam 388, in M. Larmee’s former basement in Kalamazoo, Michigan between July 1st and July 6th, 2013.


released December 4, 2013

Written & Recorded by Minutes.
Mixed by Ryan Nelson. Mastered by Carl Saff.
Artwork by Beverly Fitzpatrick. Design by Chafe Hensley.

© 2013 MinutesRockBandAndShow
℗ 2013 MichiganIndependentsNetwork

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Minutes Kalamazoo

Minutes began playing music in the summer of 2008. Composed of Chafe Hensley, Mark Larmee, Ryan Nelson, and Isaac Turner, all of whom are solidly "in their 30's", the band was started as an outlet for songs written by all members of the band. The modus operandi was always to enjoy the act of making music and to "serve the song".
[Live Photo by Casey Spring]
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